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Welcome to BunchOKids

Join the Golden Ruler and his friends for exciting adventures, stories and games!

BunchOKids' primary purpose is to enable children to discover and embrace their unique identity, develop strength of character, reach their full potential and thrive in life.


Amazing! Interactive BOK books use our free BunchOKids app to bring the pages to life!

Latest release available now

Interactive Animated Books $1.25 - $1.95 ea

See how it works with our demonstration video. Great for parents and kids to discover together.

BOK-TV latest video


Welcome to BOK-TV

BOK TV show is here with fun animation, puppets, craft and cooking. Each episode is sharing a value for kids to thrive in life

Offering creative services in augmented reality, video, animation and print.

BOK Creative Solutions offers a full package of digital and artistic services to bring your story to life.

Contact the BOK team today:

Ph: 1300 585 593